Part time Jobs in lic at Jahangirpuri

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Part time jobs at jahangirpuri.

Ladies, Gents, Students, Retired People, Sales people, etc.  are the people who have lots of free time. In a metro city like Delhi, It is very difficult for a single earner to survive the family. The point is very much clear to the other members of the family and everyone is looking for part time jobs in jahangirpuri, Delhi. The axe looses its shine if left unused and After spending long time at home, away from books, it is almost impossible to get regular job. So such people keep on searching for jobs where they can use their skills and they don’t to study alot . The destination for such people is LIC OF INDIA.Part time lic jobs.

Procedure to become lic agent

In LIC, People can work in part time/full time/any time, minimum qualification is 10th. They have to clear an IRDA exam, once they clear this exam, they can start working as LIC agent. The Irda exam is a very easy exam. It is multiple choice question type and 33% is the passing percentage that is 17 out of 50. In LIC Dr. Vinay Deep Ph: 9716146070 is the only person who can help you to clear the Irda exam. Otherwise candidates keep on repeating the exam and they do not get through.

Working in LIC in Part time, helped many to earn better than who are working in full time in many pvt companies. Here one need not to visit the LIC office everyday, rather the income is directly proportional to business generated by the Advisor. That is without going to LIC office one can earn more than Rs 1lac per month. The top LIC advisor of LIC India is earning Rs 11Cr p.a.

Second earning

LIC OF INDIA’s agency is the only profession where one can write his own salary cheque, whatever is ones profession. It is the platform where a 10th class passed person can compare  his income to a well qualified professional like advocate, Engineer, Doctor etc. So one need not to worry if he could not study from an engineering college, he can earn better than their counterpart. There are various things in our website which you can study through this website about LIC Agency profession. But there are more than that so to know more you can register here and see what else LIC agency can give you.

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